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Costa Rica is one of the most visited paradises in Central America, and the heart of real estate is our agency Costa Rica Real Estate for Sale by Owner, and where we strive to provide the best services to all our customers. Our Real Estate Agency comes from the need to meet and meet the demands of each of the people who arrived in Costa Rica, with many plans and projects to develop, to invest and undertake in real estate businesses, and that did not have a agency that will guide them, from there comes Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale by Owner.

Houses on the seashore, villas in the mountains, or vacation homes, are some of the properties for sale that Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale has by Owner modern, safe, sophisticated and luxurious if it is what you are looking for, so that you feel in a house worthy of a king, with the latest in technology, but if instead, you are looking for something more comfortable, quiet, simple, small, but just as beautiful we also have it, all the properties of Costa Rica Real Estate for Sale By Owner

Are you looking for confidence? Security, and good investment? You came to the right place! With our agency Costa Rica Real Estate for sale by Owner, you have all what you are looking for and more, that is what distinguishes, that each of the people who will come looking for Buying a Property in Costa Rica, had access to the best options in the market, for all tastes, variety of prices and for the highest standards, with Costa Rica Real Estate for Sale byowneradquiere the best properties overlooking the central Pacific coast, or the seashore, having in the background the best sunsets combined with the Pacific Ocean.

For Sale By Owner Properties Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate for sale by Owner offers its clients unique, direct and privileged access to the best Properties for Sale in Costa Rica, without mentioning that we put at your disposal a group of experts who will advise you on everything you need to know about your investment , and the purchase of Real Estate in Costa Rica.

Villas, apartments, hotels, vacation homes, and equipped cabins are just a small part of the wide and varied catalog of options and offers, with the best prices on the market offered by Costa Rica Real Estate for sale by Owner. we invite you to be guided by experts, by the best in the market, with extensive experience, Costa Rica Real Estate for sale by Owner has a team of professionals who will advise and help you on the road to your safe and effective investment in Costa Rica.



Lot for Sale in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Extension: 15.550 m2
Location: Villa Nueva de Quepos
Facilities: Access to drinking water and electric service. Supermarkets and transport services 300m aprox.
Documentation: Title of Property and registered map.
Characteristics: The property has fruit trees and reforested species. It also has a source of water (not yet exploited) and a small stream of water that generates an ecosystem suitable for many animal and plant species.
The land has a great potential for sustainable development.


Project Development of a Lot in Quepos

Costa Rica in a country full of natural beauties that you will not see anywhere else and unique business opportunities, so you’ve surely heard the thousands of proposals and infinite options for investing in Costa Rica.

Having a Lot in Costa Rica has multiple advantages and project options to develop to get the most potential to your Lot in Costa Rica.

Quepos Properties For Sale,Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Lots For Sale by Owner

This incredible lot is located in Quepos, Costa Rica, one of the best areas of the country, with lagoons, mangroves and beautiful tropical forests, in addition, a very exotic flora and fauna; thanks to its favorable climate of 30 ┬░ C it lends itself to many development opportunities in its fertile lands.

This Lot in Quepos, Costa Rica has access to potable water, electricity, as well as transport services approximately 250 meters away, as well as supermarkets. It has its property title and a registered map, all in perfect condition and order, -zgiving comfort and ease to the client.

It should be noted that its more 15,550 m2 has lush fruit trees and reforested species for better maintenance, in addition to having a water source, not yet in use, but ready for use, in addition to a small stream of water that generates a ecosystem suitable for many animal and plant species that can be grown and raised there, not to mention their fertile land, which has great potential for the sustainable development of livestock projects, agriculture, hatcheries and more.

┬┐How can I invest with a Lot in Costa Rica?

There are multiple options to invest in a lot in Costa Rica that will benefit you a lot as an entrepreneur, expanding your business possibilities and opening the way to your freedom and financial independence.

More than 10% of the territory of Costa Rica is cultivated, taking banana plantations, these are located by the large extensions of the coast, mainly the Caribbean.

The Agricultural Properties of Costa Rica are small, being the coffee, one of the most valued products for its excellent quality, flavor and smell. This is grown mainly in the Central Plateau, also, The Aquaculture of our country is focused on the production and export of Cultivated Tilapia of excellent quality, being a great business, not only nationally, but also internationally.

If you have a Lot in Costa Rica you have multiple business functions that will favor you very well, the possibilities to start or expand as an entrepreneur are many, in addition to its favorable climate, fertile soils, and poultry and agricultural activities.

Tilapias hatchery in Costa Rica

Aquaculture in Costa Rica and mainly Tilapicultura can be considered as successful, and one of the biggest factors is the environmental and climatic conditions that together with the social and economic stability that Costa Rica enjoys are a very good combination, in addition to the High educational level of the population in terms of all these activities has made this activity a good livelihood for many.

The cultivation and commercialization of Tilapias, known as the Tilapiculturacostarricense is a well-known activity in Costa Rica, these freshwater fish have undoubtedly revolutionized the market of hatcheries in Costa Rica, and their demand is increasingly high.

The process of breeding Tilapia is natural, as long as the number of males and females is equal. The production and marketing of tilapia, is an optimal business, quality, and you can use nationally and internationally.

It should be noted that Tilapia takes advantage of almost everything, not just meat, as many artisans in Guanacaste experimentally make wallets, key rings, purses, sandals and even shoes with the skin of tilapia.

With a Lot in Quepos, Costa Rica with wide spaces, it would be ideal a Tilapia Farm, being cultivated from birth until it reaches about 1000 grams, approximately, it should be noted that climate conditions and the quality of some where they are conserved, they are important for a greater and better reproduction.


Horse Kennel in Costa Rica

Horses are fast, large animals; it is an animal that can be tamed for races, known as horse or equine livestock. If you love horses and are passionate about everything that surrounds the world of horse breeding in Costa Rica, this is an ideal business option for you, and with so much space it will undoubtedly be a very good project to develop.

Having a horse breeding business in Costa Rica gives you many advantages such as riding frequently, taking care of them, selling them for a lot of money, since working as a Horse Breeder will provide you with the services of your horses and mares Depending on the issue, either providing facilities for the care of horses and the breeding of foals and fillies this is undoubtedly a very positive financial aspect, as long as you are fully imbued with the necessary information for this type of business.

Fattening cattle in Costa Rica

Starting a livestock fattening business in Costa Rica is undoubtedly a very viable source if you own a lot in Costa Rica with many hectares. The Estabulated Cattle in Costa Rica is one of the most profitable businesses in that country, but it should be noted that it is a process that starts from preparing the land and spaces until inseminating the females, hoping that you have their bulls, fattening them and selling them to the public and start generating profits, also if you want a process a little faster, you also have the options of buying them already weaned with 300Kg or 350kg for a lower price and fattening them until you reach 500Kg or more in about six months.

The livestock business is also based on the breeds and their crosses, which will undoubtedly make the product better or worse, you must also bear in mind that the breed will depend on the one that best adapts to the climatic conditions of the area. of Quepos, since that is where the lot is, so that in this way you will be successful; a race that adapts without any problem to the different climates and conditions are the Brahman, beef cattle of excellent production, and high resistance to the tropical climate of Quepos.

A very important fact if you have in mind better start a business of livestock fattening in Costa Rica is that it is better to be semistabular and have their own forage for feeders, as this action certainly reduces operating costs, thanks to the fact that it does not have They bring all the food to the canoes and saves time in cleaning.

We recommend you to investigate more about the successful livestock projects in the area, in order to take care of your investment, as well as to advise and acquire more information with INTA, MAG, Corfoga institutions in charge of the Agricultural Activity and Livestock of Costa Rica.

Cultivation of Mata de Palma in Costa Rica

The Cultivation of the Mata de Palma in Costa Rica or palm oil as many know it had its beginnings in Central America more or less in the decade of the 40, achieving great results, as a result today more than 100,000 hectares have been planted, most of them located in Honduras (50.7%), Costa Rica (29.7%) and Guatemala (11.5%).

Every year, the high rates of oil extraction and production are increasing due to the low temperatures during the year, with excellent production potential in the Central American region.

The area planted in Costa Rica is located in its entirety on the Pacific coast, about 30,000 ha. Converting this area of ÔÇőÔÇőthe country into the second product in terms of area, this makes this Central American country the second producer in terms of area.

The Mata de Palma Plantations are part of the entire Costa Rican landscape from the central Pacific to the southern Pacific. To start with its fruits the palm requires 40 leaves and produces two per month.

La Palma de Aceite produces two important oils: as it is the oil of palm, the soft one and it is used extensively in oleomargarina, lard and fats for the kitchen, and for the industrial manufacture of many others for human consumption, and the other oil is palm kernel oil with a high content of lauric acid, producing soaps of excellent foam and odor, as well as vegetable oils that are transformed into products for technical use.

Chicken fattening in Costa Rica

The fattening of chickens in Costa Rica is a business that has positioned itself very well in the economy of the country, boosting many small and medium enterprises, thanks to the poultry activity of Costa Rica achieving high growth in the marketing of fresh chicken meat and egg.

The cycle of fattening of chickens in Costa Rica is approximately six weeks, measuring the consumption of concentrated foods that chickens eat, so that between week three and four is between 1200 and 1500 grams per bird, so that it reaches the 2500 grams in the sixth week, thanks to its formulation rich in proteins, energy, vitamins and calcium supplement.

You must bear in mind that no matter the size, for a total success of production, you must follow specific guidelines that will allow you to achieve high productivity rates for the poultry industry of your business.

Wide spaces for the small spaces where the chickens should be located, since the females should be separated from the males is of great importance, since the males get fat in a short time in comparison with the females, so their sales process is much faster.

Agriculture in the fertile soils of Costa Rica

Bananas, tropical fruits, cocoa, coffee, corn, and rice are some of the many agricultural products that are exported from Costa Rica, thanks to the high production rate of coffee and bananas. Quepos and Golfito ports on the Pacific coast for improved flow, in addition to cocoa, sugar cane, corn, beans, vegetables, tobacco and cotton are also very important in the agricultural activity of the country, meaning from coast to coast, thanks to the fertile soils, and the large hectares offered by the Lots in Costa Rica.

Many prefer us, for the delicious and exquisite taste and sweetness of our fruits, coffee and cocoa thanks to the typographical diversity of our soils and multiple microclimates, achieving a perfect contrast, that is why the success of the Agricultural Activity in Costa Rica. It is not a secret the favorable geographic and climatic characteristics of Costa Rica that provide excellent conditions for the cultivation of coffee, fruits, grains and more, known worldwide for its unique and unparalleled flavor.

Can I access an agricultural loan in Costa Rica?

Let nothing stop you from starting your new business in Costa Rica. There are a variety of banks in this country that offer loans and financing to start your business, and these are:
State Banks:
ÔÇó National Bank of Costa Rica
ÔÇó Bancr├ędito
ÔÇó Popular Bank
ÔÇó Bank of Costa Rica
Private banks
ÔÇó Banco Davivienda Costa Rica
ÔÇó BAC San Jos├ę
ÔÇó Lafise Bank
ÔÇó Cathay Bank
ÔÇó Scotia Back From Costa Rica
If you want to apply for an agricultural loan in Costa Rica, the National Bank of Costa Rica offers financing, but you must meet certain requirements and collect certain information so that you can apply for a loan for your SMEs or micro SMEs.

Get advice before investing your money in a business!
When you start a business it is best to have direct advice with people who can provide all the necessary information about the investment you will make, that is why if you plan to invest in Lots in Costa Rica we invite you to contact Red Tierras, Agencia de Asesor├şa Real estate in Costa rica.

Contact us:
Telephones: +506 8594-0453

Why invest in a property in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with a wonderful climate, with a temperature that ranges from 37 ┬░ C during the day to 13 ┬░ C at night. His people are the best that this country has, the Costa Rican is extremely friendly, helpful and above all peaceful, his culture is based on it. We are talking about a population that has internalized their respect and care for the environment and this is evident in their daily lives.

Another reason why we invite you to buy a property in the central Pacific region of Costa Rica, is because most of the houses are luxury buildings that are found along the best coasts of Central America. Just in the area of ÔÇőÔÇőManuel Antonio are the most popular villas, the most fertile land and the most spectacular views. But at a distance, it allows you to find yourself in the middle of the city just minutes away or take your flight at Quepos airport in a blink of an eye. Ideal for a weekend getaway.

Advantage of choosing us when buying property in Costa Rica

We are a reliable company, we put at your disposal all our seriousness and experience. With us you can be sure that you will find the property of your dream, which is tailored to your projects.

We understand that buying a property in another country is often a bit difficult. Mainly, because you will not always be able to visit the entire property portfolio due to your adjusted itinerary. We will study your needs, we will choose only those houses, villas or land that conform to them and we will plan a trip exclusively for you. Remember that we are here to help you and make your dream of living in Costa Rica a reality.

If you belong to a tourist firm and have in mind to carry out a larger project such as a hotel or rather a real estate firm that wishes to build a residential complex or building. We also have large lots for this type of projects and also, we can help you to manage the necessary permits, so that nothing gets in your way.

Remember, we are a team of highly qualified professionals in everything that is related to the real estate world of Costa Rica. In our portfolio of properties we have one that adapts to your needs, our company assures you one of the best lands or the most luxurious houses of Manuel Antonio. All properties are close to tourist sites of great interest and a short distance from Quepos airport.

So do not hesitate any longer and acquire your property in Costa Rica, one of the most demanded destinations by investors, by retired people and by vacationers from all over the world.
We help you in the purchase of Lots, Houses, Villas in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, We have certified realtors in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Beach Front Real Estate for Sale

Are you looking for security, trust and quality? You came to the right place! that is what distinguishes Beach Houses for sale in Costa Rica from the others; acquires the best properties overlooking the central pacific coast and the back door of the house on the seashore. With us you will have unique and privileged access to the best beach houses for sale in Costa Rica, as well as a group of experts who will advise you on investments and the purchase of real estate in Costa Rica.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Costa Rica

Luxury homes for sale in Costa Rica has the largest, most varied and exclusive list of properties for sale in Costa Rica, with more than 10 years of experience, we are located in Costa Rica, a paradise in Central America; million are satisfied customers and businessmen who have changed their lives invest in real estate in Costa Rica for its high level, also when you have allies with all is better, do not wait any longer and contact us!

Costa Rica houses for sale by owner

Costa Rica is the heart of the best real estate business in Costa Rica, and where our prestigious agency is located. Costa Rica houses for sale by its owner Costa Rica, born from the need to satisfy the people who came to Costa Rica with great plans to develop and invest in real estate and had no one to guide them. Hotels, villas, apartments, vacation homes and more, is just part of what the wide, exclusive and varied list of properties for sale in Costa Rica offers you. Let yourself be carried away by our team of professionals and make the investment that will change your life at the hands of the best.

Buy or sell your house in few seconds with Avendano Realty…

Costa Rica Land for Sale

Costa Rica Land for Sale is located in Costa Rica, a paradisiacal destination, where the luxury house abounds, the properties facing the sea and in the mountains. In our agency you will find a group of qualified realtors who will inform you and guide you in real estate investments in Costa Rica giving you greater confidence and security in your purchase of Land for Sale in Costa Rica so that your dreams of growing in real estate are everything a success

Lots for sale Costa Rica:

Lots for sale in Costa Rica has been positioning little by little among the best real estate agencies in Costa Rica, giving you the best lots for sale in Costa Rica, offering its clients security, trust, honesty and a guide on investments of real estate purchases in Costa Rica, although buying lots for sale in Costa Rica is not easy, we make it simple, we are a team that will take you to live the best real estate experience.

Lands for sale in Costa Rica

Getting a real estate agency in Costa Rica can be difficult, even more, that meets all the requirements, trust, security, speed, that is why many people have us as first choice to Land for Sale in Costa Rica, since with more than 10 years in the market, we are located in Costa Rica, and we have been positioned as one of the best land agencies for sale in Costa Rica having as main objective the satisfaction of our customers.

Land for Sale by owner in Costa Rica

If you are looking for new business opportunities, or you are looking for sellers for sale in Costa Rica you have arrived at the right place, because in Costa Rica lots, and farm for sale by the owner, we are your perfect partners, we have a great team of specialized real estate agents, They will provide you with information about what is best for you, your family and your financial stability. When you buy, do it in the hands of the best, with us you will have that source of information that will help you to know what you need about the real estate in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica houses for sale and lots

Costa Rica houses for sale and lots is one of the best real estate agencies in Costa Rica, with us you will have a wide list of properties for sale in Costa Rica, for all tastes, and demands. In the lots for sale that we provide you can specify any development you have as business idea to the house or villa of your dreams to vacation with an ocean view. J.V



When hiring Avenda├▒o Realty to professionally manage their Properties in Costa Rica. We are dedicated to finding the best real estate options in and lots with the best prices in the entire area of Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rica Real Estate Services

Our Real Estate services in Costa Rica include guidance and advice to buy, rent or sell your Home, Villa or Lot in Costa Rica, we help you with assistance with mortgage / mortgage / financing, insurance and legalities, taxes, visas / citizenship / residence , as well as property inspections for local and international buyers.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

We have a variety of houses and villas facing the sea for those holidays dreamed in Costa Rica. We are here to make your vacation a truly memorable experience. We show you our Villas and Vacation Properties collection in Costa Rica and contact us for more information.

Costa Rica Property Listing

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful areas of the Pacific coast: Every year. If you are looking for a place to rest, we are the reliable solution to find the best properties in Costa Rica. Our specialty is the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the famous cities of Costa Rica and its surroundings.


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